Brain Clustrs by RND1

RND1’s forthcoming album “Brain Clustrs” is a homage to his upbringing. From stumbling across J Dilla’s beats on a friend’s iPod to watching Zoids in the morning before school, RND1 creates a musical soundscape inspired by the most captivating moments of his life. In “Brain Clustrs” you’ll find RND1 exploring different moods, textures & styles of beat production & songwriting. From intimate songs like “Off The Ropes” to a hard-hitting piece like “Big Titty Anime Type Beat,” RND1 constructs an album filled with honest grooves and vibrant cadences. “Brain Clustrs” taps into the child-like excitement of finding oneself and learning to express it without compromise.

“Brain Clustrs” Record

“Brain Clustrs” Cassette Tape