"Table Of Contents"


"Navigating Collaborations"

When looking to collaborate with another artist be sure to be forthright, clear, and considerate. while communicating your desire to work together.

When being asked to collaborate, be sure to center your capacity, values, boundaries and worth while engaging with other creatives (All artists should consider budgets, availability, and resources to ensure all sides can create with their best potential and comfort)

Trust is built on a set of actions & consistency & the expectations created from those actions.

If the artist you’re collaborating with doesn’t give you clear communication, or doesn’t share your artistic direction, you can express what’s best for you & your needs, whether it’s finding an outcome for the collaboration or stopping the collaborative process altogether. 

When collaborating you should trust the artists you’re working with as long as you give each other the space to communicate directly and uphold each other’s artistic direction.


"LLC Talk"



"Mixing & Mastering"



"Contract Templates"

We are not here to tell you your rate/worth but we are here to help you find & strengthen it. Here are some contract templates that you can use as a reference when negotiating gigs or music production rates. 

"Useful Phone Apps"

File Management

Telegram is an awesome FREE way to share all kinds of files, big and small without compressing them

This app is a great FREE app to store all of your digital projects on your phone. From PDFs and images to video work and music


Image & Video Editing

Picsart is an amazing FREE image editing app

Lightroom is another great FREE image editing app


Phonto is an awesome FREE app for adding text to images

Fontasy is a FREE app you can use to search and add new fonts to the Phonto app

Music Production

Amazing app for chopping samples, creating drum patterns and sequencing music

Great app for creating beats and has an extremely useful set of synthesizers and sounds


"Mac Of All Trades"

If getting a computer has been something that stops you from expanding your output, here’s a link for cheap refurbished macs.