Keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and producer from Tucson, AZ



She blends  styles of piano, synth melodies, self reflecting and bilingual songwriting to create a sound unique to her experience and perspectives of life in the desert. 

She started performing original compositions in 2019, which led to the release of her first EP titled “For You, A Garden”. The year after, she released a collection of demos titled “Demos in Red”.

Made from her bedroom studio, the project was self-recorded, produced and released with the hopes of showcasing the knowledge absorbed from her previous work, all while staying within the limitations of having minimal equipment. Shortly after Cazo’s first solo musical releases, she formed a band with three other musicians called Vientos. The band went on to record and release their first album called “Seeker of Love”.

Cazo’s work has been featured on npr’s World cafe playlist, Le Grigri radio, SOONSPINS and more. Currently, she is working on her first solo album set to be released later in the year.

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